LTL Freight Transportation Services

LTL Freight Transportation

Freight Logic offers LTL freight distribution services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Utilizing our trusted network of carriers, we are able to ensure timely and affordable service for our customers. To learn more or to schedule your LTL shipment with our team, contact us online or by phone at 615-208-9060.

Benefits of LTL Freight

Choosing LTL freight has several important benefits:

  • Cost Reduction: LTL shipping is often a cost effective option for small shipments.
  • Better Shipment Safety: Our team works hard to insure that our customers have the knowledge to make sure their freight is probably secured before leaving the dock.
  • Shipment Tracking: Our LTL carriers offer the latest in tracking for full visibility of your freight from dock to dock.

Why Choose Freight Logic?

At Freight Logic, we strive to provide our customers with the best in LTL services. We have established reliable relationships with LTL carriers nationwide, and we provide several benefits to our customers in terms of LTL freight shipping. Here’s why:

  • Reliability: We have a proven track record of successful LTL freight shipping. Your shipments are guaranteed to reach their destination safely and at the lowest possible cost. Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also flexible, so we can create a custom LTL shipping plan for you as per your business needs.
  • Consistent Pricing: We have solid relationships with our freight carriers, which ensure that you always get the most competitive pricing consistently. You will never have to worry about shipping rates changing suddenly or during transit. We ensure that you always get consistent and the most cost-effective pricing for all your LTL freight needs.
  • Claim-Free Track Record: Being so hands with our customers needs has lead to an incredible claims record. You can rest assured that all your shipments will reach its destination safely and in pristine condition, each time, every time!

Contact Us to Hire the Best LTL Freight Broker

LTL Freight Broker Services

Don’t leave your logistics and transportation decisions to chance. Freight Logic is one of the most trusted LTL 3PLs in the industry. Our wide network of trusted carriers and our expertise in shipping an expansive selection of raw materials, assembled pieces, and finished products equips us with the knowledge and support you need to ship anything long-distance across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

To work with us, contact an LTL specialist at 615-208-9060 or request a quote for any freight shipment online.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to attract and retain customers by providing the highest level of transportation services with fair and competitive pricing while maintaining integrity, fairness, and honesty with our customers and business partners.

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